When it comes to seeking orthodontic treatment, a patient typically wants to get the best results comfortably and affordably in the shortest amount of time. The best way to find out what options are available when it comes to cost, payment arrangements, financing plans, and whether insurance covers the cost of treatment, is to set up a consultation visit with Dr. Terry Hopper. 

FASTBRACES® Straighten Teeth in No Time!

FASTBRACES® are a great solution for a perfect smile in a short amount of time. In as little as three months to year, you can have straight teeth. This method is not only a time saver, but also a money saver as well. FASTBRACES® typically shave off half the time traditional braces take, and are therefore typically half the cost of traditional braces. This method is great for both children and adults. They are very comfortable to wear and can generate a flawless smile in as few as three to twelve months. The secret to FASTBRACES®' success is in their uniquely patented design which involves triangular brackets and super flexible nickel titanium wire. Dr. Terry Hopper Family Dentistry and Orthodontics is proud to offer this technique to their Austell patients.

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Brace Yourself for Fantastic Results

If you’ve suffered from crooked teeth or a misaligned bite, you know just how frustrating it can be. Being able to utilize a tool like Fastbraces makes our job that much easier. Fastbraces' patented technology has revolutionized the braces industry. Fastbraces create beautiful smiles twice as fast as standard braces treatments of the past. As you’ve likely heard, braces can be uncomfortable at times. 

The beauty of Fastbraces is that the comfort level is definitely increased. The design of the braces in conjunction with the shorter wear time combine to make this system the best option for many patients. An additional benefit of the shorter wear time is that Fastbraces are more cost efficient, saving most patients money, even when worn for twelve months, which is still half the wear time of most traditional braces. We highly recommend Fastbraces and are happy to consult with you about them.

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