No Insurance? No Problem!
Austell Dental Excellence Can Help! 

Our Lifetime Smiles Program was created to fulfill our vision of providing affordable access to quality dental services for those wishing to maintain great oral health despite the lack of dental insurance.

With a strong emphasis on prevention, our program encourages routine professional care and, if needed, conservatively addressing issues before they become bigger problems.

We offer three different components of the plan. You can choose one, two or all three options, depending on your needs.

Our Smart Dental Plan has an annual membership fee of $249.

  • Two Regular Professional Cleanings per year at no extra cost
  • Two Regular Doctor Exams per year at no extra cost
  • Annual X-rays at no extra cost
  • Free Oral Cancer Screening
  • Free emergency exams and X-rays
  • 20% off any of our Additional Dental Services
  • 25% off Custom Whitening
  • No Yearly Limit on your Benefits

Participants must keep scheduled appointments unless a 48 hour notice is given and complete both cleanings within a 365 day period. For Periodontal Maintenance patients, a 20% discount will be given off the Maintenance fee; all other membership benefits will be included in the program fee.

A beautiful and healthy smile is one of your best assets and we want to help you keep it.

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