The Technology Behind Fastbraces: 10 Things to Know

Are you considering orthodontics for yourself or your teens and wondering about treatments other than traditional braces? Well, you have options! At Austell Dental Excellence, we offer Fastbraces® technology as one offering in our comprehensive list of dental services. Fastbraces is an innovative and fast braces system designed as an efficient path to your dream smile.

Want to know more? Here, we cover ten things to know about Fastbraces.

1. An Innovative Design For Highly Efficient Teeth Movement

So first, what are Fastbraces exactly? At first glance, you might think that Fastbraces look like traditional metal braces. And you’re partly right—Fastbraces use a metal bracket and wire like other braces. However, Fastbraces’ brackets have a triangle-shaped design versus the usual square shape. This design allows the wire more flexibility and room to straighten your teeth, while “elbows” on the bracket provide better torque on the wire.

And the wire? Fastbraces wires are square vs. the round, tube-like shape of most metal braces. Another difference is that you’ll only have one wire with Fastbraces vs. traditional braces for your entire treatment. With traditional metal braces, your archwires might be replaced several times to move your teeth toward the desired outcome.

2. Fastbraces Move Teeth Vertically and Horizontally At the Same Time

How do Fastbraces work? Unlike traditional braces which move teeth in two stages, Fastbraces move the root of your tooth and the crown (the visible part) at the same time. Fastbraces’ triangular brackets, combined with their square-shaped wire, gently straighten crooked teeth and fix crowding or mild gaps at the same time—and right from the start. Simultaneous movement is key to Fastbraces’ rapid results compared to the typical timing of traditional braces. (Side note: if your orthodontic issue is missing teeth or large gaps, dental implants might be for you instead.)

3. Enjoy Much Faster Treatment Than Traditional Braces

If one of your primary questions for braces treatment is how to get your braces off faster, Fastbraces might be for you. So, how long do traditional braces take compared to Fastbraces? Traditional braces typically take about 18-24 months or more. However, with Fastbraces, Dr. Hopper and Dr. Nkweti’s patients complete their treatment within a few months to about a year.

4. Save Time and Resources With FastBraces

Part of what makes Fastbraces treatment go quicker is fewer adjustment visits. With Fastbraces, most patients at Austell Dental Excellence only need 5-10 visits. In comparison, traditional braces treatment can include twice or even three times the number of visits. That’s a lot of scheduling, travel, and time saved if you opt for Fastbraces.

5. Beautiful Outcomes, Just Like Traditional Braces

Are Fastbraces effective in giving patients the beautiful smile they want? The team at Austell Orthodontic Excellence says yes! Fastbraces can successfully treat mild to complex cases. This system is most suited to those mainly looking to improve smile aesthetics and who don’t necessarily have oral functioning issues. The best way to find out if you’re a candidate for Fastbraces is to see Dr. Hopper or Dr. Nkweti for a free initial consultation.

6. Peace-of-Mind with Safe Tooth Movements

With an overall quicker treatment time, it’s natural to ask, “Are Fastbraces safe?” Our patients’ safety and long-term oral health are paramount at Austell Dental Excellence, and we can confidently say that Fastbraces move teeth safely. And with proper retention care, you’ll have a beautifully straight smile for the long term, just like standard metal braces.

7. Fastbraces are More Comfortable

Let’s be honest, braces discomfort is a reality of any teeth straightening system you choose. After all, your teeth go through an incredible process as they shift and straighten in what’s called “bone remodeling.” Bone remodeling is the breaking down and building back up of bone tissue around your teeth to move and secure them in their new spots. Plus, your tooth ligaments are compressing and stretching. There’s a lot happening! The good news with Fastbraces is that they exert lighter pressure on your teeth than traditional braces, so your braces discomfort is less, especially after adjustments.

8. A Budget-Friendly Option That Doesn’t Skimp on Results

Fastbraces are more affordable than their traditional counterparts, largely due to shorter treatment times and fewer dental visits. This makes Fastbraces a fantastic option for many patients who find the financial cost of typical metal braces or Invisalign out of budget.

9. Reduced Retainer Time

A significant perk of Fastbraces over traditional braces is the reduced retainer time post-treatment. Typically, after traditional braces, you’re required to wear your retainer at night for years afterwards. However, with Fastbraces, the retainer routine is considerably shorter, sometimes only 15-20 minutes a day. Why? Because Fastbraces’ concurrent movement of the crown and tooth root results in a more stable final position.

10. Invisalign vs. FastBraces: Like Comparing Apples to Oranges

Now, some of our patients have asked us whether to choose Invisalign or Fastbraces. The answer often comes down to our patients’ personal preferences. When weighing Invisalign vs. Fastbraces, think lifestyle: Invisalign offers a discreet, no-braces look, you take them out to eat or drink, and you have to swap out your clear aligners on your own to keep your progress on track. Fastbraces are also discreet with small brackets, they don’t require any handling, and you have to adjust your eating habits a little to keep your braces safe.

Fastbraces with Your Austell, GA Experienced Dentists

So those are ten things you now know about Fastbraces. Ready to find out if you’re a candidate? At Austell Dental Excellence, we’re excited to offer a special April-June promotion on Fastbraces: $500 off the treatment, with payment plans starting at just $99 down and $99 a month.

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