Dermal Fillers

With more advances in cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers can be used as a way to stave off aging or the other knicks we accumulate with time.

Smiling Woman With Clean TeethIf you’ve found yourself wishing for a more youthful, smoother appearance, dermal fillers may be a cosmetic option for you. Dermal fillers are FDA-approved materials that can be injected into the skin to lift it & make it firm.

These fillers, which come in a variety of types, can be used to enhance your lips & cheeks, erase facial lines & generally improve your facial contours. They can even reduce the appearance of scars that are depressed into the skin and any other uneven areas.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are a way to rejuvenate facial appearances. Some fillers are: Calcium hydroxylapatite, which is found naturally in human bones and is a mineral-like compound; hyaluronic acid; & polylactic acid. Materials used will differ depending on the area you wish to rejuvinate & depends largely on firmness desired.

Fillers can use several different substances, though all are FDA-approved. The procedure is less invasive than a full facelift & other cosmetic procedures. Talk to your dentist about whether dental fillers are right for you.

Your Skin Changes as You Age

As we age, the natural level of fat under our skin decreases, which can lead to sagging areas and wrinkles. Facial skin also stretches, which can add to the appearance of aging. With more advances in cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers can be used as a way to stave off aging or the other knicks we accumulate with time.

Getting dermal fillers will provide immediate results & can last from several months to several years, depending on the procedure & overall health of the patient. A preliminary consultation will allow you to explain what you desire & have your doctor explain what realistic goals are, what the procedure will entail & any other specifics you would like to know.

Procedure Overview

Typical dermal filler procedures include a facial assessment & mapping, in order to get an accurate image of your face and the fillers that can be used.Then the area to be treated is cleaned & sterilized.

Using only FDA-approved materials means your procedure is safe & has the lowest risk possible for a procedure. Not to mention your dentist is skilled in using least-invasive techniques.
Dermal fillers are a temporary procedure, meaning the effect will not last forever. Even still, the effect can be dramatic & patients considering a facelift or other, more serious surgery can benefit from seeing what changes are possible.

Recovery times are usually fast, with patients being able to resume most activities immediately. It is recommended that you refrain from intense physical activity for a couple days to avoid increased risk of bruising. Initially, some swelling may occur to the affected region of your face.

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