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Stay informed with our oral health tips & fun facts about dentistry. We want to share our experience & expertise to help you make the best decision about your dental care & take better care of your teeth. Check back regularly to learn more about that art, science & everyday habits that contribute to a clean, beautiful smile.

How to Encourage Your Child’s Passion for Dentistry

You might be one of the lucky parents who never has to remind your child to brush & floss. Since early childhood, they’ve been fascinated with teeth, examining their fallen-out baby teeth, sad when the tooth fairy looks away, always pointing out new dental facts. It may be that a career in dentistry is in […]

Safe Sedation Dentistry With Nitrous Oxide

Sedation during dental procedures can be a great way to ease anxiety & keep you from feeling discomfort. For most patients, sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide is a safe, effective method.

girl pointing to teeth grinding

Teeth Grinding: A Subtle But Sinister Problem

It’s not uncommon for people to habitually grind & clench their teeth, & most people who do it probably think little or nothing of it. If you find yourself doing this on a regular basis, you may be surprised to learn that you’re actually putting your oral health at greater risk than you might think.

dentist talks to patient about dental fillings

When You Need More Than a Filling

Tooth decay is a nasty condition that can wreak havoc on your pearly whites. If you’ve ever fallen victim to the wrath of cavity-causing oral bacteria, you know that a filling is one of the best ways to repair dental damage. While fillings are usually the first-line treatment for small cavities, they usually aren’t suitable […]

The importance of flossing

Yes, Flossing Really Is That Important & Here’s Why

As dental professionals we often feel like a broken record (or a scratched CD, depending on your generation) telling patients that they need to floss more. We don’t mean to be nags, we just want you to have the healthiest, happiest smile possible!

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